Advantages of learning Quran through online teaching platform

Quran-e-Majeed is the most fascinating and trustworthy divine book in the universe. It is the manuscript of Allah (SWT) which was revealed on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The success of every human being in this life and in the hereafter is dependent on obtaining the knowledge of the Holy Quran and following the instructions provided in it. It’s the responsibility of every Muslim to learn the Holy Quran and educate his/her children. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said, “The best among you are the ones who learn and teach Quran”.

Holy Quran provides guidance not only to Muslims but to every human being. There are a number of ways of learning the Quran to get unlimited benefits from it. One can learn it by visiting a Quran teacher in Masque, from pre-recorded videos on YouTube, or from an online Quran teaching platform where one-on-one Quran classes on Skype or Zoom are provided by qualified teachers. In many countries, it is almost impossible to find a mosque and Quran teacher to attend Quran class physically. The best alternative to physical Quran classes is learning Quran from an online academy. As we live in the era of information technology, the internet has made it very easy to learn Holy Quran through an online Quran teaching system.

In this blog, you will find some advantages of joining the online Quran teaching platform.

Adaptable Schedule to Learn Quran Online

Time flexibility plays the most fundamental and important role in online Quran teaching platforms. Joining online Quran teaching platforms such as Online Kids Madrasa can give you the opportunity to learn Quran at your home despite your busy and tough routine. Online Quran academies provide you the facility of adaptable schedule so that your learning does not get disturbed by your daily activities. Online Quran tutors remain accessible 24/7 and you may reschedule your class in case of having a commitment at your regular class time. The syllabus and lessons are accessible at academies’ websites and you can access them anytime you want.

Economical and affordable for everyone

In many countries, it is too costly to hire a personal Quran tutor. On the other hand, online Quran teaching platforms have made it very easier and affordable to learn Quran at economical costs. Different online Quran teaching academies, such as Online Kids Madrasa offer customizable fee plans with a special discount for families having more than one kid. Online Kids Madrasa also offers a special discount for students who want to join multiple courses at the same time. Online Quran teaching academies also offer three to four free one-on-one trial lessons with live tutors. So, you can judge their methodology, punctuality, and environment before paying any price. The other expense-saving aspect of learning the Quran online is that you can save your travel expenses. As you or your kids don’t need to visit any place, rather online classes can be joined from home.

Reliability and Consistency

In online Quran teaching platforms, qualified and experienced instructors ensure that the student can explore and experience advanced approaches to learning. With the modern techniques of online teaching, there’s no risk of anomaly whatsoever.  Students are very less likely to miss their online classes because they have the option to choose their schedule as per their availability and time set. Online Quran teaching platforms hire the best qualified and experienced tutors having the skills and abilities to deliver knowledge of the Holy Quran to their students in the best possible way. In this way, online Quran teaching platforms give you the most reliable and consistent way of learning the Holy Quran.

Most Polite and Safest Way of Learning the Holy Quran  

One of the major concerns for parents is the safety of their kids during their studies. No parent would like their kids to be treated harshly during the Quran classes. Sadly, very few tutors in certain cases have been found treating the kids in a bad manner such as beating them with sticks or pulling their ears, or using harsh words. Though these practices are not allowed anywhere from administration, still they could not be stopped on a full scale. These practices can be very dangerous for the students and could impact their approach towards education seriously and make them hate learning Quran. However, online Quran teaching is a platform where parents can rest assured that their kids are treated in the most polite and safe manner. Tutors at online academies are instructed to never hurt the self-respect of a student. Thanks to the online Quran teaching platform, parents can keep an eye on their kids during the classes because the kids take their classes right from home. On the other hand, tutors are also monitored during all of their classes via live and recorded audio/video systems. There is no chance of such unfortunate incidents in online Quran academies.

For Muslim parents, online Quran teaching is the ideal platform to safeguard their children from child abuse. In view of online learning, all things considered, your kids are completely secured and are in safe hands.


The most convenient thing about online Quran classes is that you can attend these classes right from your home. You don’t need to spend your time and fuel driving anywhere. You just need an internet connection and a device capable of running Skype/ zoom. Setup your computer or laptop in a place that is comparatively quiet and comfortable, this will help you or your kids focus more on learning the Quran. Memorizing the Holy Quran needs a peaceful and quiet environment which is best achieved through the online Quran teaching method where one-on-one classes are provided.

Qualified and Experienced Quran Tutor

One of the most significant and important factors for the best Quran learning experience is to have access to qualified and experienced Quran tutors. A qualified Quran tutor is expected to have a very strong grip on the Arabic language along with Quranic Arabic. He must have Ijaza from some well-reputed Islamic Madrasa or Jamia. Some people might think that it’s possible for them to learn and get familiar with the Holy Quran without having access to a qualified and experienced teacher, but in fact, it’s not possible regardless of how much you try putting resources and energy into your own. The basic reason behind this fact is that the Holy Quran is in the Arabic language. There are very few people in this era who learn Arabic as a second or third language in western countries.  It is very likely in many western countries, to have just one madrasa or Masjid in a community, and in some cases, even one madrasa or masjid may not exist in the area. Indeed, even that one madrasa or masjid may not have a qualified Quran teacher.

Contrary to western countries, Muslim countries have a big number of qualified and experienced scholars. Online Quran academies hire the services of these qualified scholars as tutors and provide you with the best online Quran teaching platform where you can learn the Holy Quran yourself and also have your kids learn from them.

One-on-one classes

Every student has a different intellectual level and learning abilities. Many students find it very difficult to learn in a collective and competitive environment. They need special focus from their tutor on their weaknesses. It’s not possible for a teacher to focus on each student individually in collective classes. However, online Quran teaching academies are offering the best solution to this problem by offering one-on-one classes. In one-on-one classes, tutors can focus every student according to their specific needs and provide customized lesson plans. The one-on-one learning methodology is proved to have a very positive effect on students’ learning progress. In one-on-one learning methodology, the tutors provide the Quran classes on Skype and Zoom whichever is suitable for the student

Classes for Every Age Group

Quran learning is mandatory for every Muslim regardless of age but it is very difficult for senior individuals to attend the collective Quran class in Madrasa. But online Quran learning platform has created the opportunity for them to learn Holy Quran very easily. Online Quran learning platforms such as Online Kids Madrasa is offering the opportunity for individuals of each age group to learn the Holy Quran and get many advantages of learning Quran online.

Additionally, there are some fortunate students who memorize the Holy Quran at an early age but as they grow up and get busy in their daily routine, they gradually begin failing to keep up with revising the Holy Quran regularly which may result in forgetting the memorized Holy Quran. Thus, they need somebody who can help them revise the Holy Quran and keep it memorized. Online Quran learning academies provide them with such a platform.

If you are planning to learn Quran yourself or planning to arrange Quran classes for your kids, you can join Online Kids Madrasa for free trial lessons.