Online Quran classes on Skype and Zoom

Smart and digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the most commonly used gadgets these days. People from every age group use these devices for multiple purposes, like day-to-day tasking, entertainment, homework, office work, and many more. Using these devices to online Quran classes from Online Quran Academies has become a common practice all over the world, especially in western countries.

Learning Quran online on Skype and Zoom is very appealing and very much effective. Quran classes on Skype and Zoom have made it very easy for kids, ladies, gents, and even people with busy timetables to learn Quran online by qualified and experienced tutors. Individuals with busy routines who are most of the time on their toes due to work and business would also find the online Quran Classes extremely helpful. You can also learn Quran on  Zoom or Skype with qualified and experienced tutors with Tajweed and a proper Arabic accent. 

A few years ago online classes weren’t as productive as they are today because of the low quality of audio/ video calls and low bandwidth in some countries. But the advancement of technologies like Skype, Zoom, Noise Cancelling headphones, and high bandwidth has empowered the online Quran learning system with clear audio and video calling. The tutors and students can communicate during the lesson brilliantly utilizing screen-sharing technology along with audio/video calls.

Tutors utilize the shared screen as a whiteboard which makes it very easy for even students of small age to understand the lesson quickly. These advanced ways of learning the Holy Quran assist both students and tutors to make the learning sessions far better than live face-to-face learning. The latest functionalities of Skype and Zoom make the online Quran classes feel like a real classroom environment. 

How are Quran Classes conducted on Skype and Zoom? 

Online Kids Madrasa is one of the few online Quran academies having the experience of many years of providing online Quran classes along with tuition services of other subjects on Skype and Zoom. If you are new to the online Quran teaching platform and don’t know how to join online Quran classes, We will assist you with setting up the Skype for Quran classes step by step from downloading the Skype, signing up/ making an account, and starting the classes.

Unfortunately, there are very few countries where Skype doesn’t work. In that case, you can utilize Zoom for online Quran classes. Our team will also assist you in setting up the Zoom. You just have to fill the register/ Sign up form and then the representative from Online Kids Madrasa will contact you for setting up the classes schedule. Student and tutor both will be online on pre-decided timing and their online Quran classes will start. 

Online Kids Madrasa has the experience of almost 10 years of teaching The holy Quran utilizing modern technologies like Skype. We have a team of highly expert representatives who are available round the clock to solve any technical problem or issue on both sides, either on the student’s side or the tutor’s side. You can join Online Kids Madrasa today for your free live trial lesson with our qualified and experienced tutors.