Mission & Vision

  • Our prime goal is to impart knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah worldwide through our online Quran learning portal to help people make their lives and hereafter successful.
  • Online Quran education for all! Our vision is to enlighten every heart and soul with the essence of Islamic teachings.
  • Online Kids Madrasa is home of experienced professionals whose sole purpose is to provide excellent Quran online teaching services worldwide.
  • We believe in shining on the members/users’ provided feedback, which considerably shapes our future services.
  • Online Kids Madrasa is a leading-edge that allows our scholars to share their knowledge and insight with their online Quran learners in the best possible manner.

Let’s practice the commandments of Allah SWT, His beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW, and spread the light of the Quran in every corner of the world.